Earth’s Mightiest Icon is an interactive web comic series written by Frank Yeiger with art by Peyton Freeman. This series is designed to be driven by the viewer’s involvement. Viewer voting will progress the narratives and determine the fates of the characters.

The Company, a global multimedia conglomerate has unveiled its latest venture: Earth’s Mightiest Icon! Hosted by Silk Sparrow and Vanna Rippa. This reality television competition assembles a team of 10 extraordinary individuals who will compete to make a name for themselves as the most iconic hero in the world. The contestants must participate in a series of challenges for rewards and fan favor. It’s everyone for themselves, but no one is an island, so they’ll have to work together and become an effective team to succeeded. Participants are progressively eliminated as they are voted out by the viewers (YOU), until only one hero remains, earning the title of “Earth’s Mightiest Icon!” and $500,000,000.